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Numerical simulation of effect of explosive action on overpasses

Hrvoje Draganić
Damir Varevac

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Overpasses can not be made absolutely safe to explosive action, regardless of interventions made during their design and/or realisation. This is due to the fact that the very quantity of explosive to be activated under the bridge during an attack can not be defined with an acceptable level of probability. Three quantities of explosives activated under the overpass structure are analysed. The load, behaviour, and damage to overpass superstructure are considered. It is stated in conclusion that all three quantities of explosive afflict considerable damage to usual overpasses, and cause their collapse. The nonlinear numerical analysis of the overpass was conducted using the Ansys Autodyn hydrocode software.

Ključne riječi

explosion wave; pressure area; spatial numerical model; superstructure damage; pressure-impulse diagrams

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