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Croatian Philosophers II: Juraj Dragišić – Georgius Benignus de Salviatis (ca. 1445–1520)

Erna Banić-Pajnić

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The article presents the life and work of Juraj Dragišić, a philosophical and theological writer, as one of the most important and influential Croatian philosphers of 15th and 16th century. A brief presentation of his university and ecclesiastical career is followed by a closer examination of some of Dragišić’s works in which he discusses a whole range of philosophical, theological, and logical issues, such as the problem of the authenticity of prophecies, freedom of will, restoration of Christianity, logics, and dialectical skill, and others. In the conclusion, it has been pointed out that Dragišić was, not only due to his works, but also his ecclesiastic and political
career, a true man of his time that in the intellectual sense anticipates certain tendencies which are to become prominent in the mid of the 16th century.

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Juraj Dragišić, Humanism, Renaissance philosophy, freedom of will, authenticity of prophecies, Aristotelian logic, restoration of Christianity

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