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Mass Spectra of Some Monosubstituted Benzophenone Oximes

Lj. Stambolija ; Institute »Ruder Boskovic«, 41000 Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia
D. Stefanović ; Institute »Ruder Boskovic«, 41000 Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia

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str. 535-539

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The mass spectra of six benzophenone oximes substituted
in the para-position with -NH2, -OCH3, -CH3, -Cl, -Br and
-N02 have been studied. Introduction of a substituent into one of
the aromatic rings enables the molecule to fragment by a variety
of different reaction pathways. The influence of substitution on
hydrogen and hydroxyl migration has been investigated. It ·is
shown that electron-donating substituents enhance, while the
electron-withdrawing substituents reduce both of these rearrangement

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