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Electrochemical Properties of Silver Halides and their Relation to Photography

W. Jaenicke ; Institute of Physical Chemistry, University of Erlangen-Nurnberg, Erlangen, Germany

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str. 157-177

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A survey is given on the properties of AgCl, AgBr, and Ag!
as ionic conductors, as electronic conductors and as mixed conductors.
The equilibria of disorder are discussed and the relaxation
time of point imperfections is estimated. The electrochemical
mechanism of dissolution and etching is outlined. The electronic
equilibria and their dependence on the surroundings are described
by the dependence between the Fermi energy and the halogen
pressure or the silver activity. The mobilities of electrons and holes
are discussed, especially the drift mobilities and the different kinds
of traps ·in light of the formation kinetics of the latent image.
Some reasons for the high sensitivity of silver halides are given.
Photographic development i:s a surface reaction catalyzed by a
low overpotential at the latent image speck, not a redox process
at a semiconductor electrode. Bleaching and latensification of inner
latent images, however, can be explained by injection processes.
The origin and sign of space charges in the surface region of the
compounds, their experimental evidence and their influence on the
electrochemical and photographic behaviour is considered. Some
measurements of instationary polarization at silver halide-metal
or -carbon contacts are described.

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