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The Electrical Double Layer on Oxides

J. Lyklema ; Laboratory for Physical and Colloid Chemistry, Wageningen, Netherlands

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str. 249-260

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The properties of the electrical double layer at the interface
between oxides and aqueous electrolyte solutions have been studied
on the basis of apparent surface charge - pH curves. It appears
that all oxides studied so far can bear very high surface charges
without giving rise to particularly high electrokinetic potentials.
The trend is that this charge is the higher, the more porous is the
surface layer. These results are discussed in terms of a quantitative
theory, based on the concept that potential-determining as
well as counter ions can penetr;:ite into the solid, to an extent
depending on the porosity of the surface for that ion. The theory
and experiments are also applied to the glass-solution interface.
The results seem to support the idea that glass-electrode potentials
are diffusion potentials.

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