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Properties and strategies of computer-mediated communication: a case study of a thread on a Croatian forum

Marina Grubišić

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The aim of this paper is primarily to observe which strategies are used on a forum
thread in order to maintain efficient interactive exchange of ideas, opinions and beliefs
in a new medium. Research on computer-mediated communication is ample, and one
area of CMC that research has focused on is how the properties of traditional written
and spoken registers were renegotiated and reconceptualized in the framework of new
communication technologies. We wish to see at this point in time, after decades of use
of CMC and, of course, parallel scholarly work on the topic, what issues have been
resolved regarding the affordances of the medium. Posts for analysis were extracted
from a thread on the largest Croatian discussion forum. Visual cues, hyperlinking,
quoting and editing are presented as the medium-adapted cues and strategies that
help the users to maintain coherence, a clear succession of posts and high interactivity
and dynamics of the discussion.

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computer-mediated communication, discussion forum, written register, spoken register, cues, strategies, pragmatics

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