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Hydraulic-hydrology synthesis of Golubinka karst spring discharge hydrograph

Goran Lončar
Željko Šreng
Vedran Ivezić

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The hydraulic-hydrology analysis and discharge hydrograph results for the Golubinka karst spring are presented for the period from 7 September 2012 to 1 October 2013. The objective was to gain insight into processes occurring in the Golubinka spring drainage area, in terms of quantities of discharge, groundwater levels, and seepage within the karst aquifer, as related to the precipitation measured during the analysed period. An appropriate coefficient of turbulent seepage through karst channels in the analysed aquifer was determined based on two approaches. This coefficient can subsequently be used in numerical modelling.

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karst; karst channels and fractures; spring; precipitation; discharge; turbulent seepage

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