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Some Electric Properties of Doped Single Crystals of Rochelle Salt

M. Topić ; Institute »Ruder Boskovic«, Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia

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Single crystals of Rochelle salt containing Ca2+, Ba2+, Cr3+, Mn2+,
Mn3 +, Fe2+, Co2+, N 2 +, Cd 2+, c1-, and OH- impurities at differing
concentrations have been submitted of testing for f erroelectric and
piezoelectric properties. Crystal samples have been used for the
recording of the diele ctric hysteresis loop at + 3° C, for the
measurements of the temperature dependence of the dielectric
contanat sx in a weak field in the temperature range comprising
both Curie points, and for the measurements of the temperature
dependence of the piezoelectric modulus d14 by means of weak
force in the temperature range around the upper Curie point.
The limits of the appr oximate concentrations of the impurities,
at which changes in the measured properties occur, have been
determined. The observe d changes are discussed on the basis of
papers and reports published earlier. The influ ence of the impurities
is specific in relation to their species .

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