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Investigation on the Extraction of Metal Ions with Different Organophosphorus Compounds. I. The Dissociation, Distribution and Dimerization of Some Di-aryl Esters of Orthophosphoric Acid

F. Krašovec ; Institute »Jozef Stefan«, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Yugoslavia
J. Jan ; Institute »Jozef Stefan«, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Yugoslavia

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str. 183-193

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The net distribution ratio q of several di-aryl esters ot
orthophosphoric acid between chloroform and 1 M (or 0.1 M)
HC104 - NaC104 solutions has been studied. The distribution of
the acids has been measured spectrophotometrically, except in the
case of di-(benzyl) phosphate, where a radiometric method has
been applied using acid labelled with 32P. Varying the composition
of the aqueous and the organic phase a number of
data were obtained from which, by fitting the normalized curve
log y = log (x + 1), the dissociation, distribution and dimerization
constants of the investigated acids were calculated. The values
of these constants are given in Table II.
Following the equation given by Hammett, the strength as
well as the association of the investigated acids can be satisfactorily
explained assuming that the inductive polar effect of the
substituents affects their dissociation and dimerization constants.
The results allow to predict the values of these constants for the
orthophosphoric acids carrying other substituents.

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