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Christ: The Logos Incarnate

Danijel Časni orcid id ; Biblijski institut, Zagreb

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str. 187-199

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The article provides an interpretation of the first verse in the prologue of the first chapter of John’s Gospel. Our starting point is the fact of the pre-existence of the Logos as the fundamental expression of God’s revelation, as well as the phrase “in the beginning.” The question arises whether there was Logos or chaos in the beginning of time, and if there really was a chaotic cosmos, it does not exclude the existence of an eternal Logos, which eventually gives purpose, order, and meaning to the chaos. The pre-existing Logos was incarnated
and revealed in the person of Jesus Christ. In this way the person of
Jesus Christ also has a transcendent cosmological character. John claims that the Logos is the eternal God, but that He is at the same time different from the Father God. We are covering the possible reasons why John the Evangelist is the only one, starting from the thoughts in OT wisdom to Philo of Alexandria, who uses the word Logos. At the end of the article we will outline the linguistic and stylistic characteristics of the passage, giving special attention
to the interpretation of each word, having in mind its position within the sentence as a whole.

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Gospel of John, revelation, incarnation, Logos, God

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