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The Function and Importance of Fact-Checking Organizations in the Era of Fake News: Teyit.Org, an Example from Turkey

Recep Ünal ; Mersin University, Faculty of Communication, Yenişehir, Turkey
Alp Şahin Çiçeklioğlu ; Mersin University, Faculty of Communication, Yenişehir, Turkey

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The recent increase in usage of concepts such as ‘fake news’ or ‘post-truth’ reveals the importance of digital literacy especially on social media. In the digital era, people’s views on different topics are attempted to be manipulated with disinformation and fake news. Fake content is rapidly replacing the reality among new media users. It is stated with concepts such as ‘filter bubbles’ and ‘echo chambers’ that there is a greater tendency for people to be fed with content that is ideologically appropriate to their own views and to believe in fake news in this content. This article analyzes the structure and functioning of fact-checking organizations in the context of preventing propagation of fake news and improving digital literacy. The research is based on content analysis of verification activities of the fact-checking organization, which is a member of International Fact-Checking Network in Turkey, between January 1 and June 31, 2018. By conducting in-depth interviews with the verification team, propagation of fake news on social networks, fact-checking processes and their methods of combating fake news are revealed. Our article found that fake content spreading specifically through the Internet predominantly consists of political issues.

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Disinformation, Fake News, Fact-Checking Organizations, Teyit.Org, Turkey

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