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Efficacy of Healthy Weight Loss Program in Obesity Treatment: Croatian Experience

Željka Crnčević-Orlić
Željko Jovanović
Davor Štimac
Luka Zaputović
Viktor Peršić
Alen Ružić

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We evaluated the efficiency of a six-month outpatient weight loss treatment program combining healthy diet, fat reduction,
psychological counseling, exercise, and orlistat treatment, by measuring body weight and levels of cardiovascular
risk factors in 476 subjects with BMI over 30 or 28 with increased blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar at the baseline
and at the end of program. After four weeks of adjustment to a mild low-calorie diet (1600 kcal/day) and counseling,
subjects started receiving orlistat (120 mg TID). The mean weight loss after 6 months was 10.9%. Systolic pressure
dropped by 6.7%, diastolic by 4.2%, fasting blood glucose by 10.1%, and total cholesterol by 9.8%. Only 9 subjects (7.8%)
poorly tolerated the treatment. More men than women were able to maintain the achieved weight loss six months after the
program (70.6% vs. 58.3%, respectively). The healthy weight loss program was an efficient approach to obesity treatment.

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obesity; weight loss program; orlistat; Croatia

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