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Air Pollution Dispersion Modeling in Port Areas

Teodora Milošević ; University of Rijeka, Faculty of Medicine
Lado Kranjčević ; University of Rijeka, Faculty of Engineering
Stjepan Piličić ; University of Rijeka, Faculty of Medicine
Marko Čavrak ; Teh-Projekt Oprema d.o.o.
Igor Kegalj orcid id ; University of Rijeka, Faculty of Medicine
Luka Traven orcid id ; University of Rijeka, Faculty of Medicine

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For the last couple of decades, environmental protection awareness within port areas is gaining ever more importance. Ports can have a tremendous impact on the environment, especially in terms of air pollution. The main pollution sources are various port activities such as road and rail traffic, cargo handling and marine vessel operations. Air quality models can be of great help in estimating the effect on the ambient air quality from one or more sources emitting pollutants to the atmosphere. One of those models is the widely used Gaussian Plume dispersion approach. Based on existing measurements and port activity data, models can simulate the dispersion of air pollutants caused by activities and operations taking place within the port. By using historical data, they can simulate the current state of the air quality in the port and with the help of weather predictions simulate possible future situation. Simulations can assist the port manager/operator in the decision-making process in order to optimize various activities within the port and minimize their impact on the environment. One of the main objectives of the Horizon 2020 Project PIXEL (Port IoT for environmental leverage) is the deployment of environmental pollution models which can aid in the decision-making processes within the port domain. This paper reviews the current advances in the field of air pollution modelling with a special emphasis on port scenarios.

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environmental engineering; Gaussian Plume dispersion model; air quality; air pollution; seaports

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