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Distinct Origin of GABA-ergic Neurons in Forebrain of Man, Nonhuman Primates and Lower Mammals

Zdravko Petanjek
Ana Dujmović
Ivica Kostović
Monique Esclapez

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In this mini-review we present recent data about origin of GABA-ergic (gama-aminobutyric acid) neurons in the
mammalian forebrain, including the diencephalon and telencephalon. The interest in GABA-ergic neurons, which in cerebral
cortex mostly correspond to local circuit neurons (interneurons), has increased in the past decade. Many studies
have shown that in lower mammals all hippocampal and almost all neo-cortical GABA-ergic neurons are born in the
specific region named ganglionic eminence, and not locally in proliferative layers all around telencephalic vesicle. The
ganglionic eminence, that represents a region with thick proliferative-subventricular layer in the ventral (basal) part of
telencephalon, was classically thought to give neurons to basal ganglia and septal nuclei, whereas proliferative layers of
dorsal telencephalon give neurons to cerebral cortex including hippocampus. It was thought that neurons migrate from
proliferative layer to their target region following a radial orientation. However, data in lower mammals showed that
this is the case only for glutamatergic principal cells, i.e. projection neurons. GABA-ergic neurons use long distance
tangentional migration, parallel to pial surface to reach, from ganglionic eminence, their targeting layer in the cerebral
cortex. Especially intriguing, but frequently neglecting, several studies suggest that mammalian evolution might use different
developmental rules to provide GABA-ergic neurons to an expending brain. In this review we focus on specific
events underlying GABA-ergic neuron development in human and non-human primates. Disturbances of the GABAergic
network are found in many neurological and psychiatric disorders, some of them might result from altered production
or migration of these neurons during development. Therefore, it is crucial to understand human-specific mechanisms
that regulate the development of GABA-ergic neurons.

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GABA; interneurons; cerebral cortex; thalamus; ganglionic eminence; human

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