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Alcohol Dependence and Polymorphisms of Serotonin-Related Genes: Association Studies

Gordana Mokrović
Ana Matošić
Dubravka Hranilović
Jasminka Štefulj
Mislav Novokmet
Darko Orešković
Melita Balija
Srđan Marušić
Lipa Čičin-Šain

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Variations in 5HT-related genes contribute to the alterations of serotonergic neurotransmission, which is implicated
in the etiopathology of alcoholism. In this preliminary study we have tested polymorphisms of genes involved in 5HT
transport and turnover for their association with alcohol dependence. A case group of males with type 2 alcoholism
(N=59) and a control group of healthy males (N=282), both of Croatian origin, were analyzed for the frequency distribution
of polymorphisms in 5HT transporter (5HTT-VNTR2, 5HTT-LPR), monoamine oxidase A (MAOA-uVNTR) and B
(MAOB-A/G) and tryptophan hydroxylase 1 (TPH1 A218C) and 2 (TPH2 G-703T) genes. An increase in the frequencies
of 10-repeat allele (p=0.010; OR=1.73; 95% CI=1.14–2.60) and 10/10 genotype (p=0.006; OR=2.57; 95% CI=1.32–5.00)
of the 5HTT-VNTR2 polymorphism was found in alcoholic patients. No differences between case and control groups were
observed for the other tested polymorphisms. Present results support earlier studies implicating the role of 5HTT gene in
alcoholism. The increase of sample size (in progress) is expected to enable search of more subtle differences, as well as
re-evaluation of these preliminary findings.

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alcoholism; gene polymorphism; monoamine oxidase; serotonin transporter; tryptophan hydroxylase

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