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The follow-up of the development of a competitive and potentially successful performance of a top sportsman with the aid of the “sport-expert” system

Bojan Jošt ; Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Janez Pustovrh ; Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Maja Ulaga ; Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

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The aim of this study was to follow a five-year competitive and hypothetically potentially successful performance of a top ski-jumper with the help of the expert decisive “sport-expert” system. In the primary phase of the formation of the expert system a hypothetical model of a competitive (CP) and the so-called reduced potentially (PP) successful performance was developed. The model of a potentially successful performance comprised 17 elementary and 14 derived motor variables, 4 elementary and 3 derived morphological variables and two variables containing special morphological-motor indices. The evaluation of a successful performance based on the previously defined variables was founded on the method of expert decision-making (Chankong, Haimes, 1983). This method is based on decision rules with the help of which we determine the significance of an individual successful performance variable, as well as on the normalisers with which we determine the position of an individual of a defined successful performance variable in the individual quality-defined category. The successful performance of the sportsman was then calculated with the “SPEX” computer program on all models of variables, starting from the most elementary and up to the finally derived hypothetically potential successful performance. The results showed an uninterrupted continuous quality development of a hypothetically potential successful performance (PP) of the young sportsman, who, even at the age of 13, showed a highly successful competitive performance, which in the following 5 years rose to the level where he won the first place in the total count of the ski-jumping World Cup for the 1996/97 season.

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sport training, successful performance follow-up, the “Sport-expert” expert system

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