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Engine Oil Test Method Development

Máté Zöldy   ORCID icon ; BME - Budapest University of Technology and Economics, H 1111 Budapest Stoczekutca 6, Hungary

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Climate change is an unavoidable global problem we must face sooner rather than later. Regulatory bodies are raising standards. One of these is for automotive manufacturers to decrease engine carbon-dioxide emissions, closely linked with fuel consumption, heavily influenced by the type of engine oil used. Engine bench tests are an accurate way to test the effectiveness of engine oils on fuel economy. This study aimed to develop a new method for engine oil testing in a moderate size, state-of-the-art engine. Based on the literature overview, a test procedure was developed that was tested with three very different engine oils. Results confirm that with this new method, the differences between oil grades can be adequately measured and it is an efficient tool for further engine oil developments. It has the advantage that it needs a much lower amount of fuel than other test procedures and as a result, it is much easier to convert to current engines.

Ključne riječi
carbon-dioxide emission reduction; engine oil development; method development

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