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Microstructure and characterization of electromagnetic casting Al 2024 alloy ingots

A. Patarić ; ITNMS, Beograd, Serbia
Z. Gulišija ; ITNMS, Beograd, Serbia
B. Jordović ; Technical faculty, Čačak, Serbia

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str. 343-346

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This paper presents the investigation into the possibility for application of production process for casting aluminum alloys under the influence of electromagnetic field. The presented results were obtained from microstructure examination of Al alloy 2024 ingots casted with or without electromagnetic field. The microstructure characterization shows that under the influence of low-frequency (30-50 Hz) electromagnetic field it is possible to obtain finer and more homogeneous microstructure with reduced porosity. In the end, it is obvious in which way the operation parameters should be varied in order to get a good quality of ingots.

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Al alloy, casting, electromagnetic field, microstructure

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