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Clinical Comparison of Flowable Composite to Other Fissure Sealing Materials – A 12 Months Study

Walter Dukić
Olga Lulić Dukić
Sla|ana Milardović
Željka Vindakijević

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The subject of the study was the clinical analysis of six different sealing materials over a 12-months period. It was
neccesary to prove the clinical success of sealing with flowable composite with the use of adhesive system and preventing
effect of sealants on caries developement. Our study included children aged from 6 to 15, and we sealed 326 teeth with
materials from the group of flowable composites in combination with adhesive system (Admira Bond+Admira Flow, Excite+
Tetric Flow) and other sealing resins (Teethmate F1, Admira Seal, Helioseal Clear Chroma, Fissurit FX). Over a
12-months period, the total retention was 83.3% (Tetric Flow), 81.5% (Admira Seal), 81.5% (Fissurit FX), 76.4% (Teethmate
F1), 75.9% (Helioseal Clear Chroma) and 74.6% (Admira Flow). Only 5 molars (1.5%) developed clinical caries, so
fissure sealing has showed to be an excelent prevention of occlusal caries. Flowable composites used with adhesive system
are equal to other sealing materials. Sealing materials show great and durable preventive effect against caries development
in the fissure system. Since there are many different sealing materials, adhesives, flowable composites on the market
and many different pretreatments of the enamel, future studies are necessary and should have an aim to investigate
the best technique and material for fissure sealing.

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fissure sealing; caries prevention; flowable composite; adhesive system

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