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Our Experience with Virtual Endoscopy of Paranasal Sinuses

Stanko Belina
Višeslav Ćuk
Ivica Klapan
Željko Vranješ
Juraj Lukinović

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The main goal of our work was to evaluate advantages and disadvantages of virtual endoscopy (VE) techniques in
routinely diagnostic and preoperative management of patients with various sinus diseases or head traumas in our practice.
Fly-through algorithm was performed using an Xeon based workstation on data sets created from axial CT images
acquired from 320 patients with various paranasal sinus disorders. Images were created using Siemens Somatom Emotion
16 continiously rotating helical CT scanner and archived in DICOM format. In comparison with real endoscopy, the
VE has several advantages. It is completely non-invasive. It is possible to repeat the same procedure several times, therefore
it may be a valuable tool for training. Interactive control of all virtual camera parameters, including the field-
-of-view is possible. Endoscopic viewing as opposed to real endoscopy is not restricted to the spaces defined by inner surfaces.
The viewer may penetrate the walls and see the extent of lesions within and beyond the wall as well as the adjacent
anatomic structures. Virtual endoscopy also has a potential to stage tumors by determining the location and the extent of
transmural extension.

Ključne riječi

Virtual endoscopy; high resolution helical CT; paranasal sinuses

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