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Occupational Skin Diseases Caused by Solar Radiation

Vesna Peharda
Franjo Gruber
Marija Kaštelan
Larisa Prpić Massari
Marina Saftić
Leo Čabrijan
Gordana Zamolo

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str. 87-90

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UV radiation is present in sunlight and can be emitted from numerous artificial sources. Outdoor workers are exposed
to sunlight in a wide variety of occupations like sailors, fishers, construction workers, farmers, and other. Presented
are the skin diseases caused by sunlight exposure. Theymay be of little medical importance such as stigmata or create
problems like photoaging, skin carcinoma, melanoma, phototoxic and photoallergic reactions. Shown are briefly data
on skin cancer in the Rijeka region in outdoor occupations, the legislation and necessity for prevention. Psoriatic patients
need particular caution because they are exposed to UVR, tars, and immunosuppressive drugs during the treatment.

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Outdoor work; photoaging; skin cancer; melanoma; psoriasis

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