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The Supply of Blood in the Skin Territory Above the Lower Part of the Serratus Anterior Muscle

Davor Mijatović
Krešimir Bulić
Ivo Džepina
Josip Unušić

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At present, the putative clinical use of the musculocutaneous and ostomusculocutaneous serratus anterior flaps has
been compromised by the risk of partial or total necrosis of the skin overlying the lower part of the serratus anterior muscle.
Therefore, the aim of this study was to delineate a skin area vascularized by perforant musculocutaneous branches of
arteries stemming from the lower segment of the anterior serrated muscle. Black ink was injected in thoracodorsal artery
branches for the serratus anterior muscle in 50 human cadavers before the autopsies (the study was approved by the Institutional
Review Board). The surface area of the labeled skin was determined and its borders delineated by means of
transparent millimeter grid. Planimetry data were subsequently analyzed with the aid of PC computer program. The results
show that the calculated mean surface area (143.792.68 2.077; range 138.22–149.36 cm2) of the skin vascularized
by perforant musculocuaneous branches stemming from the lower segment of the anterior serrated muscle, can
serve as a reliable guide for taking serratus anterior flap in any patient. Therefore, appropriately sized musculocutaneous
or osteomusculocutaneous serratus anterior flap can be safely and efficiently used in plastic and reconstructive

Ključne riječi

serratus anterior flap; skin island; musculocutaneous perforators; microsurgery

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