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The Immunomodulation Effect of Allogenic Blood Transfusion in Colorectal Cancer – A New Approach

Srećko Sabalić
Dujo Kovačević
Željko Glavić
Damir Buković
Albert Despot
Josip Fajdić
Josip Lukač
Ivana Šešo

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str. 885-893

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The total number of 542 patients with colorectal cancer surgery have been analyzed in order to estimate the effect of receiving
transfusion local recurrences, and the disease free – survival. It should be examined whether there are changes in
general immunity indicators which would be connected with perioperative transfusion. A significant connection has
been found between local recurrences and blood transfusion (p<0.0001), the most noticeable being in Dukes A (p=0.045),
localization on rectum (p=0.036). The receiving of blood transfusion is linked significantly with disease free – survival
reduction (p=0.0068; log rank), the most significant being in Dukes A stage (p=0.0123; log rank) and with localization
on rectum (p=0.0231). The analysis of general immunity indicators has shown significant immunocompromitation of
patients just before the surgery and this could have effect on immunomodulation caused by transfusion and just as on the
treatment prognosis of colorectal carcinoma.

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colorectal cancer, immunomodulation, allogenic blood transfusion

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