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Health of Returnees in Osijek Region and Required Special Measures of Health Care and Community Organization

Lidija Prlić
Zdravko Ebling
Krešimir Glavina
Rudika Gmajnić
Gorka Vuletić
Luka Kovačić
Martin Tokalić

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Many citizens from the Osijek-Baranja County, in order to survive, left their homes
during the 1991/92 war in Croatia and spent between 5 and 7 years in exile. The aim of
this pilot research was to assess the health status (physical, mental and social) of refugee/
returnee population and their use of health services, to identify the factors influencing
their adaptation, and to propose the health programs, psychological and social support,
which could help foster integration into the social and community life, education
and employment. The study was done on a randomized sample of 589 respondents using
the 2003 Croatian Health Survey with an additional questionnaire related to the
problems of returnees. The results of the study show good organization of health service
in returnees’ communities, with exception of gynecological and dental services. There
was also a presence of health transportation problem and the problem in the supply of
medicines. Finally, the results show that the returnees’ communities were dominated by
social problems such as lack of employment, lack of support for elderly, poverty, and
concerns for children’s prospects. This implies the necessity for intervention in both mental
and social aspects. Measures to be undertaken in the next stage of the Project will be
aimed at the work in the refugee communities and based on public health working methods
such as organization of the community by stimulating intergenerational solidarity,
education and raising awareness of self-help.

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returnees; refugees; displaced people; health; health care; Croatia

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