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Mladen Banović ; Transformers Magazine

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Dear readers,
In this year’s fourth edition, we have covered an abundance of topics, from the visionary ones like the transition of power grids (interviews with Michel Augonnet from CIGRE and Michael Cunningham from Camlin Group), sustainability (Bhaba P. Das and Rob Milledge from Hitachi Energy, Angelo Baggini from the University of Bergamo et al.), new solutions (Lars Jonsson and Teresa Gargano from Hitachi Energy, CAREPOLE article from Siemens Energy), manufacturing (Oğuz Sönmez), to the featured topics of this volume - asset management, digitalization, as well as related issues (Diego Robalino from Megger, Jürgen Ach, Oktay Akkas, Herbert Schubert and Sebastian Hilmer from Reinhausen, Jan Prins and Gábor Farkas from GANZ Transformers, Martin Pfanner from OMICRON, Marius Grisaru, John Skog and Dmitriy Klempner, MeDICA article from COMEM, Roberto Borges from Doble et al.). I believe everyone will be able to find a topic of their interest. Sustainability is the topic we have started this year with (it was a focal topic of the January edition), and we are continually covering it in all 2022 issues because it is so broad and ever-present in practice and simply unavoidable. However, given the many unknowns and undefined things, we are organising TM’s Industry Navigator conference 2022 featuring this very topic. It would take lots of writing space to cite all related aspects and challenges companies face in real life. In brief, sustainability-related data is more frequently required in tenders and purchasing documentation, where different companies require different data and use different formats. Unfortunately, this significantly increases the workload and amount of documentation, undermining the very purpose of the initiative. We are all hopeful that the future will live to see better standards, which will detail important points and indicate how to accurately analyse a product’s lifecycle, etc. However, we are aware that it takes years to complete a standard. Therefore, the goal is to gather the key stakeholders now, to consider and discuss different views and priorities as well as to coordinate activities for harmonisation of the requirements and documentation to the greatest possible extent. Currently considered topics are:
• options for improving sustainability (circular economy, low losses, CO2 footprint, etc.);
• measures for practical use (which data best reflect improvements?);
• an overview throughout the value chain (e.g., do we need to apply the same requirements for the transformer as for its minor components?);
• impacts on transformer specifications;
• impacts on the supply chain, etc.
Since we are receiving a lot of interest in the conference, we can also expect some new topics. The issues we will discuss are common to all the stakeholders in the entire value chain. Therefore, I invite everyone to observe this event as an event intended for our entire community, where
we will gather and discuss the key issues and help the industry reach the best possible results in the field of sustainability, within the shortest possible time.
After the conference, we intend to investigate the key questions relating to sustainability, to gain a detailed insight into the results associated with these questions. Make sure to visit the conference web page for more details and register either as a visitor or presenter. We will be much obliged to everyone who will recognise the value of this conference and support it with a sponsorship, for which, in return, we offer a lavish package that should make a fast return on your investment. Finally, I invite you to follow the magazine, academy, newsletters, forums, research projects and events, etc., and to contact us with all your suggestions and comments, to make the contents we create even more relevant for you.
I wish you a pleasant reading.
Mladen Banovic, Editor-in-Chief

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