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Encephalitis or Encephalopathy During an Influenza-A Epidemic

Ivan Soldo
Mario Duvnjak
Dubravka Lišnjić
Jasna Timarac
Ljiljana Perić
Ružica Palić
Željko Vranješ
Silva Soldo-Butković

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Six female patients with encephalitis, mean age 36.5 (17–60) years, were admitted to
the hospital during the 2000–2001 influenza A (H1N1) epidemic in the Osijek – Baranja
County. In three (50.0%) patients, the manifestation of encephalitis occurred on day 4 or
5, and in two (33.3%) patients within 24–48 hours of the onset of influenza symptoms.
The disease manifestations included headache, elevated body temperature, generalized
fatigue, and consciousness disturbance through coma. Three (50.0%) patients had
grand mal seizures. Pathologic electroencephalography findings were recorded in all six
(100%) patients, whereas computed tomography showed cerebral edema in three
(50.0%) patients. Elevated levels of hepatic enzymes and peripheral blood leukopenia
were found in two (33.3%) patients in whom encephalitis developed early upon the onset
of influenza. One (16.6%) of these patients died, whereas permanent sequels remained
in the other two (33.3%) patients.

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cerebral edema; influenza A; epilepsy; coma; encephalitis; encephalopathy

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