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Rare dental anomalies in two sympatric European bat species (Pipistrellus spp.)

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Over the past twenty years, we documented striking non-lethal anomalies in the dentition of the common pipistrelle (Pipistrellus pipistrellus) during field work in various parts of Germany. In 2019 we got knowledge of two bat nurslings (P. pipistrellus, P. pygmaeus) from the Rhine-Main area (Hesse, Germany) with ultimately fatal dental anomalies. The aberrations were documented with high-resolution X-ray techniques. Here we discuss our results in the context of published, but mostly minor and obvious non-lethal teeth anomalies in bats.

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dental anomalies; high-resolution 2D-X-ray; micro-computed tomography; Pipistrellus spp.; Chiroptera

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