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Caries of Croatian Army Recruits

Tomislav Badel
Zoran Azinović
Jadranka Keros
Nikša Dulčić
Ketij Mehulić

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The object of this study is the occurrence of caries in Croatian Army recruits with regard to specific qualities of certain social communities. Caries was diagnosed in 190 recruits by means of DMFT index. Subjects were classified according to residence (urban, suburban, rural) and age. Healthy teeth were determined in 5 (2.6%) subjects. The average DMFT value was 7.76 (DT:2.03; MT:1.49; FT:4.25). Statistically significant difference was found between DT (p = 0.009) and FT (p < 0.001) values depending on residence. For rural environment the following values were established DT:2.59 and FT:2.87, and for urban environment DT:1.52 and FT:5.48. Subject values according to age were DMFT (p = 0.008), DT (p < 0.001), MT (p = 0.022) and FT (p < 0.001). The study of caries frequency in recruits is incentive for further systematic studies in smaller socio economic groups and reveals the necessity for improvement in preventive program both during childhood and adolescence.

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epidemiology, dental caries, recruits

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