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The Military Cemeteries of the Great War in Croatia 1914–1941

Filip Hameršak ; Leksikografski zavod Miroslav Krleža, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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This contribution strives to give an initial overview of various
legal frameworks and the connected everyday practices
concerning military cemeteries containing the remains of
Croatian soldiers – for the most part members of the Austrian-
-Hungarian armed forces – and to situate them within the
changing political and cultural context, including memorial
manifestations such as public monuments, individual war
memoirs, and soldiers' frontline newspapers. As a consequence,
the 1914–1941 period is further subdivided into the 1914–
1918 Habsburg period, the short 1918–1921 intermezzo, and
the 1921–1941 Karađorđević period, albeit none of this was
exactly uniform. Apart from literature and published sources,
the research was also based on archival documents (Croatian
State Archives in Zagreb, Archives of Yugoslavia in Belgrade).

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First World War; military cemeteries; memory; Austria-Hungary; Croatia

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