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Carbon neutrality through supply chain performance: does green innovation matter in Asia?

Linlin Liu
Hong Wu
Muhammad Hafeez
Mohamed Shikh Abubaker Albaity
Sana Ullah

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Logistics performance is considered an important determinant of
supply chain performance that results in carbon neutrality. The
main aim of this study is to investigate the influence of logistics
performance and green innovation on carbon emissions for
selected Asian economies over the period 2007–2020. The 2SLS
approach has been employed for empirical tasks, and the robustness
of results has been confirmed through the GMM approach.
The results indicate that logistics performance significantly
reduces carbon emissions. Besides the logistics performance
index, five other indicators of logistics performance have been
used in the analysis. These indicators include quality of logistics
services, tracking and tracing capability, logistics infrastructure
quality, cargo transportation timelines, and customs clearance efficiency.
All these indicators are negatively correlated with carbon
emissions. The results further indicate that green innovation leads
to a significant reduction in carbon emissions. Thus, our results
emphasize the priorities of green innovation, logistics performance,
and environmental sustainability in Asian economies.

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CO2 emissions; supply chain performance; green innovation; Asia

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