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From Erasmus+ Mobility to the Library: Improving Work with Students through New Experiences and Competencies at the SUVAG Polyclinic in Zagreb

Ivan Crnjac orcid id ; Poliklinika SUVAG
Mirna Barač orcid id ; Poliklinika SUVAG

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Objective. This paper aims to present the activities of librarian and verbotonal teacher mobility within the Erasmus+ program, focusing on implementing new competencies acquired through mobility in the Elementary School of the Polyclinic for Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation SUVAG. Specifically, the objective is to outline a plan for collaborative work with students through the application of new competencies, focusing on bibliotherapy and skills/strategic approaches in contemporary educational environments.
Design. The paper will analyze the mobility process of the librarian and verbotonal teacher within the Erasmus+ project at the SUVAG Polyclinic, with a particular emphasis on education in bibliotherapy and strategic approaches in contemporary education. Evaluation will be conducted after the project's completion to determine the effectiveness of the approach and process.
Results. It is expected that the implementation of new approaches in working with students, based on Erasmus+ mobilities, will provide the foundation for introducing tailored bibliotherapy for children with speech and language disorders. Additionally, an increase in student motivation and fostering creativity is anticipated.
Practical Application. Implementing new approaches in working with students in the SUVAG Polyclinic Library will become an integral part of its role, transforming it not only into a space for reading but also into a platform for fostering emotional and social development in children.
Value of the Work. The value of this paper lies in the synergy between Erasmus+ mobilities, the specific needs of the SUVAG Polyclinic, and the goals of modern education. The integrated approach supports the development of an inclusive environment and provides better support to students, which will have long-term benefits not only for the SUVAG Polyclinic Library but also for the broader community of students with speech and language disorders.

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bibliotherapy, children with speech and language disorders, Erasmus+ mobilities. implementation, library

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