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Unemployed and Long-Term Unemployed in Croatia: Evidence from Labour Force Survey

Valerija Botrić ; Ekonomski institut Zagreb

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The paper provides the analysis of the differences between the unemployed and employed on the Croatian labour market based on their individual characteristics. The basis for the analysis is the Croatian Central Bureau of Statistics’ Labour Force Survey for the year 2006. The analysis was conducted separately for the male and the female subsample. The results imply that occupation, immigrant and martial status are significant predictors for both male and female population, while education, age and living in urban settlements have certain gender specificities.
The additional question addressed in this paper is - are the long-term unemployed in their characteristics different in comparison to short-term unemployed. The empirical analysis revealed that, in addition to specific categories of occupation and marital status, age is significant for both male and female population. Reservation wage is significant for male, while education for female population.

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unemployment; long-term unemployment; Croatia

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