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Anatomy of Identity Theoretical Approach to Identity

Duško Petrović ; Zagreb

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This research will deal with the theoretical definitions of colllective identity and factors which influence its formation.
We will rely on, now already "classic" litreture in this field, written by Western European and American authors. Under "classics" in this field, I primarly refer to the works of B. Anderson, F. Barth, A.D. Smith and E. Gellner.
According to my opinion, each of these four authors has greatly contributed to the research of cellective identity with their theoretical concepts. My intention here is to come up with one integral theory which would unite the key concepts of their theoretical approches.
Maybe this selection of authors is a bit narrow for my attempt. This may present a problem in case that this "narrowness" result in an omission of an important theoretical conclusion.
I will try to avoid his "danger" by consulting new sociological theories which studies the phenomena of nations and nationalisms. As a guide I will use a book by V. Katunarić, "Sporna zajednica", which provides an outline of the new theories in the fields of study of nations and nationalisms. I will employ a problem-solving approach and refer to the recent historical events. Because of this, my intermissions in the theoretical analyses will be short paragraphs in the form of essays. My concern with recent historical events will lead us to the current questions of the ways in which processes. The aim of this article is not to give a detailed outline of these processes, but to present a wider theoretical perspective in the study of collective identities.

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collective identity; nation; nationalism; state

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