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Prevention of Exposure to Mycotoxins from Food and Feed

Maja Peraica
Ana-Marija Domijan
Željko Jurjević
Bogdan Cvjetković

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str. 229-237

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Mycotoxins are metabolites of moulds that may be found in food and feed of plant and animal origin. This paper gives a short review of the agronomical methods and food and feed storage recommendations for the prevention of mould contamination. It describes the practical methods of feed decontamination and the use of feed additives where mycotoxin contamination prevention has failed. However, these methods should be avoided as much as possible because they may increase the cost of production, reduce the nutritional value of feed, and leave residues of mycotoxins or their toxic metabolites. Since there is no universal and reliable method of feed decontamination for all mycotoxins, the paper stresses the importance of preventive measures.

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aflatoxins; decontamination; ergot alkaloids; fumonisins; ochratoxins; trichothecenes

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