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No Policy on the Horizon? Europeanization and Regional Policy in Croatia

Marko Trnski ; Trg senjskih uskoka 5, HR-10020 Zagreb, Croatia

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str. 181-209

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The 1989 reform of the regional policy of the European Union designed it as
a dynamic, proactive policy that is not solely interested in specific outputs,
but is primarily directed towards achieving outcomes (the policy effect at the
socio-economic level) in underdeveloped regions of the Union.** Using predominantly
Bzel’s and Radaelli’s concepts of Europeanization, the author
develops a framework for the analysis of Europeanization of the EU’s regional
policy in the first three completed cycles (1989-2006).
Croatia has to develop in order to be ready for an effective future regional
policy and tackle its absorption capacity, particularly in the areas where severe
difficulties have been identified. This process must be facilitated by a wide
consultation process and a participative approach in programming the Structural
& Cohesion Funds interventions, both at the sectoral level and in the regions.
Only then will the final result be a set of clear objectives and targets to
guide the implementation of the country’s structural development policies and
prepare it for post-accession opportunities.

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EU; regional policy; Europeanization; CSF; Croatia; IPA; NUTS; Chapter 22

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