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Searching the Peopling of the Iberian Peninsula from the Perspective of Two Andalusian Subpopulations: A Study Based on Y-chromosome Haplogroups J and E

Beatriz Ambrosio
Candela Hernández
Andrea Novelletto
Jean M. Dugoujon
Juan N. Rodríguez
Pedro Cuesta
César Fortes-Lima
Rosario Calderón

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This study aims at a high-resolution analysis of Y-chromosome J and E haplogroups among Andalusians to reconstruct Neolithic, protohistorical and historical migrations in the Mediterranean region. Genotyping of two samples from Granada (n=250 males) and Huelva (n=167 males) (Spain) with Y-chromosome binary and microsatellite markers was performed, and the results compared with other Mediterranean populations. The two samples showed genetic differences that can be associated with different evolutionary processes. Migrations toward Andalusia probably originated in the Arabian Peninsula, Fertile Crescent, Balkan region and North Africa, and they would have predominantly occurred in protohistoric and historic times. Maritime travel would have notably contributed to recent gene flow into Iberia. This survey highlight the complexity of the Mediterranean migration processes and demonstrate the impact of the different population sources on the genetic composition of the Spanish population. The main in-migrations to Iberia most likely did not occur through intermediate stages or, if such stages did occur, they would have been very few.

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human genetic history, population structure, migrations, Andalusia, Mediterranean region

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