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Physical Characteristics in the New Model of the Cerebrospinal Fluid System

Ivana Jurjević
Milan Radoš
Janko Orešković
Radovan Prijić
Ante Tvrdeić
Marijan Klarica

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str. 51-56

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It is unknown which factors determine the changes in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) pressure inside the craniospinal system during the changes of the body position. To test this, we have developed a new model of the CSF system, which by its biophysical characteristics and dimensions imitates the CSF system in cats. The results obtained on a model were compared to those in animals observed during changes of body position. A new model was constructed from two parts with different physical characteristics. The »cranial« part is developed from a plastic tube with unchangeable volume, while the »spinal« part is made of a rubber baloon, with modulus of elasticity similar to that of animal spinal dura. In upright position, in the »cranial« part of the model the negative pressure appears without any measurable changes in the fluid volume, while in »spinal« part the fluid pressure is positive. All of the observed changes are in accordance to the law of the fluid mechanics. Alterations of the CSF pressure in cats during the changes of the body position are not significantly different compared to those observed on our new model. This suggests that the CSF pressure changes are related to the fluid mechanics, and do not depend on CSF secretion and circulation. It seems that in all body positions the cranial volume of blood and CSF remains constant, which enables a good blood brain perfusion.

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cerebrospinal fluid; model; modulus of elasticity; changes of position

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