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Symptomatic Capillary Telangiectasia of the Pons and Intracerebral Developmental Venous Anomaly – A Rare Association

Helena Šarac
Srđana Telarović
Jasenka Markeljević
Berislav Perić
Goran Pavliša
Marko Radoš

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str. 333-338

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Various combinations of vascular malformations of the brain in one lesion have been reported, while others seem to be very rare. In this report, the authors discuss the case of a coexistence of an capillary telangiectasia of the pons and intracerebral venous anomaly. To our knowledge, this is the first report of coexistence of a capillary telangiectasia of the pons and intracerebral venous anomaly apparted from each other. These discrete vascular malformations of the brain raise attention on possible interrelations in the pathogenesis of these entities. We report a case of pontine capillary telangiectasia and intracerebral venous anomaly in a 42-year-old woman with a right side facial palsy. Hight field magnetic resonance imaging suggested presence of a capillary telangiectasia of the pons. Another lesion in the left frontal gyrus was attributable to the venous anomaly. Along with neuroradiological findings, results of the somatosensor evoked potentials, brain stem auditory potentials, laboratory analysis including blood, cerebrospinal fluid and urine investigation are demonstrated. Awareness of the magnetic resonance imaging finding of the capillary telangiectasias and of the venous anomalies may help in defining clinical correlates of this vascular malformations, while the follow up of these malformations
might help to asses risk of vascular rupture. We and others previously selects capillary telangiectasia and venous anomaly in two discrete entities. Coexistence of these malformations in the brain apparted from each other appear to be very rare and raise attention on possible interactions in their natural history and pathogenesis.

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capillary telangiectasia; venous malformation; pons; magnetic resonance imaging

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