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Estimate and selection of optimum hearing PPE

Aleksandar REGENT

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Real efficiency of hearing PPE is frequently lower than assumed. Selection
of hearing PPE in accordance with new Ordinance on Protection of Workers
from Noise at Work and Directive 2003/10/EC is facilitated by use of
one of the calculation methods: octave band, HML and SNR. However,
a selection of optimum PPE is much more than that, as it is critical that
workers wish and can use protectors during the entire exposure time. In
a very noisy environment limiting factor of protection is much more time
of non-wearing of PPE than level of protection it provides. Efficiency of
hearing protection can be enhanced by use of new technologies: miniature
noise dosimeters, checking of real efficiency of hearing PPE and by
selective attenuation of sounds.

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Application of new technologies, Estimate and selection of hearing PP, Protection of workers from noise

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