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Numerical and PhytosociologicalAnalysis of the Junipero sibiricae -Pinetum dalmaticae Domac (1956) 1965 Association and Comparison to Mediterranean Forests Dominated by Pinus nigra Arn. s.l.

Zorana Sedlar ; Prirodoslovno-matematički fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
Vladimir Hršak ; Prirodoslovno-matematički fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
Renata Šoštarić ; Prirodoslovno-matematički fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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This study analyses the ecological and syntaxonomical characteristics of theJunipero sibiricae -Pinetum dalmaticaeDomac(1956) 1965 association. This association is present only on higher altitudes of Bio­kovo Mountain situated on the eastern Adriatic coast. With its highest peak at an altitude of 1,762m, Biokovo is one of the hotspots of plant endemism in Croatia. It is highly influenced by the Mediterranean climate which is expres­sed up to the higher parts of the mountain, although, due to its height, it has weakened montane and alpine conditions on the peaks. According to the pre­sent syntaxonomical solution, the researched association belongs to the sub­mediterranean alliance Ostryo-Carpinion orientalis in the Quercetalia pubescentisorder in the Querco-Fageteaclass. Numerical and syntaxonomi­cal analyses suggest thatJunipero sibiricae -Pinetum dalmaticaeon Biokovo differs from all other Dalmatian pine vegetation types. Cluster analysis, Indi­cator species analysis together with Nonmetric multidimensional scaling used to compare it to forests dominated by Pinus nigras.l. from other Mediterra­nean areas (Greece, Iberian peninsula, Corsica and Sicily) suggested it should be classified in thePino-Junipereteaclass, theJuniperetalia haemisp­haericaeorder, and the eastern Mediterranean Berberidocraeticae-Juniperion foetidissimae alliance. The resemblance of Junipero sibiricae -Pinetum dal­maticaewith eastern Mediterranean associations and its inclusion into men­tioned syntaxa is confirmed phytosociologically and ecologically.

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Biokovo Mountain, multivariate analysis, Pinus nigra subsp. dalmatica, syntaxonomy

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