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New DTC Control Scheme for Induction Motors fed with a Three-level Inverter

Xavier del Toro Garcia
Antoni Arias
Marcel G. Jayne
Phil A. Witting
Vicenç M. Sala
Jose Luis Romeral

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This paper presents a novel controller based on Direct Torque Control (DTC) strategy. This controller is designed to be applied in the control of Induction Motors (IM) fed with a three-level Voltage Source Inverter (VSI). This type of inverter has several advantages over the standard two-level VSI, such as a greater number of levels in the output voltage waveforms, lower dV/dt, less harmonic distortion in voltage and current waveforms and lower switching frequencies. In the new controller, torque and stator flux errors are used together with the stator flux angular frequency to generate a reference voltage vector. Experimental results of the novel system are presented and compared with those obtained for Classical DTC system employing a two-level VSI. The new controller is shown to reduce the ripple in the torque and flux responses. Lower current distortion and switching frequency of the semiconductor devices are also obtained in the new system presented.

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adjustable speed drives, direct torque and flux control, induction motors, multilevel converters

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