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Duration and Variability of Speech Segments in Fluent Speech of Children with and without Stuttering

Katarina Pavičić Dokoza
Mladen Heđever
Jadranka Pavičić Šarić

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The purpose of this study was to compare the duration and variability of speech segments of children who stutter with
those of children who do not stutter and to identify changes in duration and variability of speech segments due to the effect
of utterance length. Eighteen children participated (ranging from 6.3 to 7.9 years of age). The experimental task required
the children to repeat a single word in isolation and the same word embedded in a sentence. Durations of speech
segments and Coefficients of variation (Cv) were defined to assess temporal parameters of speech. Significant differences
were found in the variability of speech segments on the sentence level, but not in duration. The findings supported the assumption
that linguistic factors pose direct demands on the speech motor system and that the extra duration of speech
segments observed in the speech of stuttering adults may be a kind of compensation strategy.

Ključne riječi

motor control; stuttering; temporal parameters of speech

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