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Task Based Bilateral Control for Microsystems Application

Asif Sabanovic orcid id
Ahmet Ozcan Nergiz
Shahzad Khan
Meltem Elitas

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str. 107-117

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Design of a motion control system, convenient for a wide range of applications in industry, space, biology, medicine, particularly including more than one physics environment is very important. Well known control architectures like trajectory tracking, compliance control, interaction force control are scientific milestones which has common control task: to maintain d esired system configuration. In this concept, motion control system can be an unconstrained motion-performed interaction with neither environment nor any other system, or constrained motion-system in contact with environment and/or other systems. This paper provides the function based design approach to formulate control of constrained system particularly bilateral systems in micromanipulation applications. The control objective a imed to maintain desired functional relations between human and environment defining convenient tasks and their proper relations on master and slave motion systems. Preliminary results concerning position tracking, force control and transparency between master and slave systems are clearly demonstrated.

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Bilateral control, Motion control, Micromanipulation, Teleoperation

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