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Shunt in the Diagnosis of Initial Lung Lesion in Smokers

Irena Perić
Ivančica Pavličević
Nebojša Zagorac
Ratko Katić
Žarko Šantić
Neven Pavlov
Marija Stipić
Jadranka Tocilj

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Cigarette smoking is an important risk factor for all respiratory tract diseases. Unfortunately, the symptoms develop
slowly, thus patients feel the consequences of the slowly developing inflammation too late. The inflammation first develops
in the area of respiratory bronchioles. In this stage, the disease is asymptomatic. The study included a sample of 31
smokers, mean age 36.38 years, with normal spirometry indices, acid-base status and arterial blood gases. The mean
smoking index was 11.28 smoking/years. All subjects were healthy, without any subjective health problems or disease indicators.
The aim was to define dead lung area (V/Q) as an early indicator of changes in smokers. Study results demonstrated
the mean shunt value in smokers of 8.25%, which showed positive correlation with smoking. The shunt size
yielded negative correlation with the forced expiratory volume in one second and midexpiratory flow in smokers. In conclusion,
determination of lung shunt is a simple method that is sensitive enough in the diagnosis of initial lung lesion
due to cigarette smoking.

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shunt, cigarette smoking

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