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Social Conditioning of Health Behaviors among Adults in Croatia: the CroHort Study

Sanja Musić Milanović
Davor Ivanković
Kristina Fišter
Tamara Poljičanin
Petrana Brečić
Silvije Vuletić

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The aim of this study was to examine the social conditioning of health behaviors of adults in Croatia, based on the data from Croatian Adult Health Survey 2003. This cross-sectional study on a representative random sample of 9070 Croatian adults showed that obesity was significantly and socially conditioned in women, whereas for men the indication of social conditioning has not reached a statistically significant level. Health behaviors were socially conditioned in both sexes. Men’s living habits were more irregular than those of women. Compared with women, men consumed more
cured meat products, consumed alcohol excessivelly and smoked cigarettes more often, whereas they ate less fruits and vegetables. Health promotion strategies based on the behavioral correlates of overweight and obesity are needed to prevent excess weight gain in the Croatian population. While for men a unique educational model is applicable, women require more specialized programs, adapted to their social background.

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socioeconomic strata; lifestyle behaviors; CAHS

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