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Incidence and mortality trends of melanoma in Croatia

Jelena Barbarić ; Koprivničko-križevačka County Medical Center, Križevci, Croatia
Ariana Znaor ; Andrija Štampar School of Public Health, University of Zagreb School of Medicine, Zagreb, Croatia

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Aim To analyze melanoma incidence and mortality trends
in Croatia 1988-2008, compare them with the trends in
other populations, and identify possible changes in the
Methods Incidence data were obtained from the Croatian
National Cancer Registry and the mortality data from the
Croatian Bureau of Statistics. United Nations population
estimates were used for calculating the age-specific rates.
Age-standardized rates were calculated by the direct standardization
method, using the world standard population
as a reference. To estimate incidence and mortality trends,
we performed joinpoint regression analysis.
Results A significantly increasing incidence trend, with
estimated annual percent change (EAPC) of 5.9% for men
and 5.6% for women, was observed over the whole 21-year
period and no additional joinpoints were identified. The
overall incidence increase between the first and the last
five-year period was 149% for men and 130% for women.
Significant increase in the mortality trend was observed,
with EAPC of 3.0% for men and 2.4% for women. No joinpoints
were identified. The overall increase in mortality between
the first and the last five-year period was 45% for
men and 50% for women.
Conclusion Melanoma rates in Croatia are steadily and
markedly rising, with similar trends to those in the countries
with lower/intermediate incidence. It is important to
further investigate the more specific causes of the increasing
trends, as well as to implement effective public policies
targeting the melanoma burden.

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