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Performatives and Imperatives

Anna Brozek ; University of Warsav

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The term “performative” is used in at least two different senses. In the first sense, performatives are generatives, i.e. expres- sions by the use of which one creates new deontic states of affairs on the ground of extralinguistic conventions. In the sec- ond sense, performatives are operatives, i.e. expressions which contain verbal pred- icates and state their own utterances. In the article, both these types of expressions are compared to the class of imperatives which are characterized as expressions of the form “Let x see to it that p” and typ- ically express wishes. It is claimed that (1) only these imperatives are generatives which are uttered by deontic authorities, (2) no imperative is an operative sensu stricto; (3) imperative operatives are used instead of “pure” imperatives in order to emphasize the force of resolution.

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deontic authority, deontic state of affairs, generative, imperative, op- erative, performative, wish

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