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Management of Gallstone Ileus with Stone Impacted in the Ascending Part of Duodenum

Iva Kirac
Marko Nikolić
Tomislav Kuliš
Dujo Kovačević
Gordana Lovrenčić-Prpić
Petar Kirac

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Gallstone ileus with impaction of gallstone in distal duodenum is an extremely rare complication of cholecystolithiasis. Gallstone ileus in itself accounts for less than 1% of these complications with 800 cases described so far. However, there are less than 15 cases described with the impaction of gallstone in distal duodenum. We report a case of an 84-year-old male patient in whom gallstone impacted in distal duodenum was found by ultrasonography and confirmed by computed tomography. Cholecystitis and a remaining large gallstone in the gallbladder were found intraoperatively, which made us opt for one-step procedure, i.e. lithotomy and fistula repair with cholecystectomy. Due to the rare position of impacted gallstone, we believe that cases like this should be reported in detail in order to generate enough data for establishing optimal treatment options.

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Cholelithiasis, complications; Intestinal obstruction – diagnosis; Intestinal obstruction – etiology; Intestinal obstruction – surgery; Ileal diseases – etiology; Ileal diseases – surgery; Case report

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