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Review of Croatian history, Vol.VII No.1 Svibanj 2012.

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An avoidable failure: peacekeeping in Croatia

Ivica Miškulin ; Croatian Catholic University, Zagreb, Republic of Croatia

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Miškulin, I. (2011). An avoidable failure: peacekeeping in Croatia. Review of Croatian history, VII(1), 37-77. Preuzeto s

In this work, the author analyses the grounds for establishment of the two peacekeeping operations deployed in Croatia in the early and mid-1990s, as well as implementation of their two most important components and their effect. The author ascertains that these were classic peacekeeping operations based on documents which were drafted by diplomats Cyrus Vance and Marrack Goulding on behalf of the United Nations. Both operations were ultimately assessed as unsuccessful, mostly because they reflected the international community’s ineffective and uncoordinated policy toward Yugoslavia and the states which emerged after its violent disintegration.

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Vance Plan; UNPROFOR; UNCRO; peacekeeping operations; Republic of Croatia

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