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Marko Cindric
Krunoslav Minazek
Sanja Dimter

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As a part of the research project in progress at the Civil Engineering Faculty in Osijek a new large pullout testing device has been developed and specially instrumented for characterisation of interaction between soil and geosynthetic in a pullout box by measuring wave velocity in the soil around the geosynthetic, before and at stops during pullout procedure. This paper presents some of the results of investigation carried out on one geogrid in one type of gravel, in terms of modulus of elasticity E and shear modulus G developed in the soil around the geogrid, under different vertical stresses and different grid displacements. The results presented are part of a wider range of testing results in the project. When state after
compaction was tested, significant influence of the grid on E and G values compared to non-reinforced soil was not clearly detected. It is expected that after some displacement of geogrid during pullout process, E and G values for reinforced and non-reinforced soil will be significantly different. Examining this is the next step in the research programme.

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geogrid, pullout, reinforcement, soil properties

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